Youth At-Risk


Sessions are ideal for adolescents and teenagers that are in undesirable situations and/or display behaviours that may result in them being less likely to transition successfully into adulthood. These individuals may have emotional, social or behavioural problems, low academic performance and absenteeism, lack an understanding of boundaries, show a lack of interest in everyday activities or express a disconnection from school, family and social environments, among many other factors, which ultimately leads them into cognitive, social or emotional functioning which threatens their development and futures. 

Horses provide an unconditional, non-judgemental and honest platform for participants to learn from. Through learning about horse behaviour and how to take care of and handle these 500kg beings in specially designed activities, participants will be able to gain insight into their maladaptive emotions and behaviours. More importantly, participants will be able to bring to the fore and develop their inherent strengths in a positive manner.

Horses have a way of breaking down participants’ barriers and defence mechanisms. Youth who struggle with relationships and authority will often accept the horses’ feedback more readily and develop that relationship based on trust, respect and patience which then equips the participant with skills to form and uphold healthy relationships with people. 

Sessions can help at-risk youth:

  • establish positive communication and relationship building skills
  • enhance self-regulation and gain a sense of personal control
  • develop empathy and respect for others
  • learn stress/anger/frustration management
  • decrease feelings of isolation, hopelessness and/or depression
  • build a positive and strong perception of self
  • find direction, focus and meaning for life and the future
  • accept accountability for own behaviours and understand cause-and-effect (taking responsibility for own actions)