We offer both sessions and workshops in the programs* outline below:

Sessions are 30 minutes to 1 hour in length - Workshops are either half or full day and include snacks and refreshments

Youth At-Risk

  • For adolescents and teenagers experiencing social, emotional and/or behavioural difficulties and who stand a less likely chance of transitioning positively into adulthood. 
  • Sessions aim to encourage participants to explore their emotions and behaviours in order to learn, self-discover and correct unhealthy behaviour patterns.

Child Development

  • For children and teenagers with mental and/or learning difficulties, such as ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, et cetra. 
  • Sessions aim to develop participants’ social, emotional and cognitive development through teaching positive character and life skills that will be found beneficial in day-to-day life and the obstacles that may be faced.

Adult Development

  • For men and women that may be experiencing cognitive, emotional, social and/or occupational difficulties or for individuals simply wanting to self-discover, grow and develop within themselves. 
  • Sessions aim to encourage participants to look within themselves and develop in all areas of psychological, emotional and social functioning.

Family Therapy

  • For couples, siblings, parent/s and child/ren or the whole family that may be experiencing difficulties in the family or home environment.
  • Sessions will aim to improve communication and cohesiveness between the family members. Participants will have the opportunity to develop and grow the relationships that exist between them, acknowledging unhealthy relationship patterns and strengthening more positive patterns in relation.

Addiction Recovery & Relapse Prevention

  • For individuals with substance abuse and other addiction disorders or eating disorders - including individuals in rehabilitation facilities or undergoing intervention strategies and individuals already recovered from above disorders.
  • Sessions are aimed at self-exploration and addiction control through the learning and practice of important character skills.

Leadership Training

  • For new or young leaders; individuals experiencing leadership inefficiencies; individuals wanting to learn leadership skills; individuals that have or are about to be promoted into a leadership position who would like to develop and grow their skills.
  • Sessions/Workshops aim to improve leadership abilities. Participants will be encouraged to examine themselves and become aware of their behaviours and put into practice how to improve or change them. 

School Leadership & Teambuilding

  • For school groups consisting either of teachers, school management or student groups - including prefect bodies and representative council of learners.
  • Workshops aim to promote team cohesion and encourage the development of skills necessary for leadership and team work.

Corporate Teambuilding

  • For businesses and companies looking to improve team cohesion and communications, employee-employer relations, morale and motivation of staff, leadership development, problem solving and innovative thinking, et cetera.
  • Workshops aim at bringing the team together as well as enhancing the strengths, of each participant, necessary for the corporate environment.


  • Equi- Formed Therapy offers customised and individualised sessions and workshops in Equine Facilitated Learning and Psychotherapy to suit your needs, budget and time. This may be done for individuals, families and groups of any ages.
* Our predetermined programs take on an Equine Facilitated Learning approach, however, we do offer and encourage Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy where necessary. 

**  No prior horse experience is required. Safety precautions are thoroughly reviewed with participants and we ensure that participants understand the nature of the horse and how to safely engage with them.