Family Therapy  



Sessions are specially designed to reconnect family members and address challenges the family may be facing. The aim of sessions is to enrich and stabilise the family life and environment through working in activities with the horses. This is ideal for couples, siblings, parent/s and child/ren, or the whole family, who may be experiencing an unusual amount of fighting or disagreement, who lack communication and/or would like to develop their relationships and grow together. Sessions will focus on uniting the participants while also growing and developing each individual participant as well as the family as a whole.


Sessions can help:

  • encourage communication
  • improve cohesion and problem solving abilities between family members
  • teach and develop trust, respect and responsibility
  • work on boundaries of individuals family members and the family as a whole
  • increase relationship building skills
  • help identify and actualise roles within the partnership/family
  • develop individual and family goals