Corporate Team-Building


Workshops are designed to improve teamwork and cohesiveness of business groups - including managerial groups, executives, sales staff, and departments within the company or the company as a whole. In today’s highly competitive and fast paced business environment, leaders and their teams need to be able to develop and maintain a high quality level of performance. They need to have the skills, and be prepared, to overcome internal and external challenges and be able to creatively problem solve and develop fresh ideas. Groups will face challenging and innovative activities in partnership with the horses which will teach and strengthen team cohesion, communication, proficiency and build effective and authentic leadership. 

Horses will pick up on group dynamics and respond accordingly therefore the group will have immediate opportunities to change and develop their ways of working together and grow the quality of their communication from the responses they receive from the horse. These skills can then be transferred into the everyday work environment. By working with the horses in these team-building workshops, participants will also be able to gain insight into how their behaviours and actions impact others in all life’s areas, both professionally and personally.

Workshops can help:

  • improve teamwork
  • develop communication skills
  • build employee-employer/manager relations
  • improve employee morale and motivation
  • decrease absenteeism 
  • develop problem solving and creative thinking abilities