Child Development


Sessions are for children to teenagers who have social, emotional or cognitive difficulties. This may include mental disorders, issues with self-esteem and confidence, learning difficulties, habit forming, etc. Sessions will consist of teaching and developing character skills of participants through specially designed activities with the horses. 

Horses are excellent experiential teachers, as working with them enables the child to practice character skills which are necessary to build a relationship with the horses. These character skills are important for the development of self in order to equip the participant for daily life and challenges they may face, therefore, the lessons learnt in the sessions can be transferred to every day life. 

Sessions can help develop:

  • self-regulation
  • emotional control
  • self-esteem
  • responsibility and respect
  • problem solving
  • creative thinking
  • pro-activeness
  • assertiveness
  • empathy and compassion
  • leadership
  • communication and body language
  • relationship building and much more